What You Should Know Before Registering For Jamb 2022

A lot of UTME candidates makes mistakes during Jamb registration and they end up spending money on data corrections, Jamb 2022 regularization etc. I will be given all you need to know before registering for Jamb 2022.

1. Timeless Registration

There should be no rush concerning the 2022 UTME registration. Making use of timeless courage, gather every piece of Information you need before proceeding to the CBT center for the registration.

2. Mistakes

A single Mistake at the point of registration can make you to spend more money afterwards for data correction or even make you to lose the admission out rightly. You can avoid all these by ensuring that everything is done perfectly right from the outset.

3. Accuracy

Ensure your details are entered correctly. For instance, make sure your course combination goes with the course you are choosing.

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4. Be Involved

Don’t leave your details in the hand of any CBT operator ONLY to do registration for you. Or Issue your details to an expert to do so for you.

5. Everything Perfect

Ensure your details are perfectly entered
• O LEVEL results
• A Level results for Direct entry students
• State of Origin
• Local Government

6. impersonation

Don’t get involved in impersonation for any reason. Impersonation can ruin your chances of getting admission in the coming session or even stop you from getting admission into any school in Nigeria.

7. Verify your details

• Verify to be sure that your Institutions of Choice PRESENTLY offer your Course of Choice. Don’t take this for granted. Verify !.

• Verify to ensure that your Course of Choice has been duly accredited in your Institution of Choice. DON’T pick any Course in any Institution that hasn’t received the necessary accreditations. That could mean spending more money to change the Course or Institution later, outright loss of admission or spending extra years in the higher Institution.


• Proximity

The advantages of Choosing Institutions that are close to your area of residence are too many to be stated here. From having easy access to offline information, to reduced cost & risk in transportation, access to Post UTME materials, etc.

• Catchment Area

Every Nigeria University has some geopolitical regions or States of Nigeria known as its Catchment areas. Students from such areas have greater chances of being admitted into such institutions. Find out the Institutions that have your State Of Origin as their Catchment Areas.

• O – LEVEL Subject agreement:

Do your O Level subjects & Grades go with the O Level requirements of this Institution? IF NOT, don’t chose that Institution.

For instance, while Unizik requires Law applicants to possess at least a Pass in Mathematics, Unilag demands for a credit pass in Mathematics from Law applicants , while mathematics isn’t Compulsory candidates aspiring for Law in UNN.

One more thing is that if you are having two O LEVEL sittings, please, find out if your Institution of Choice accepts it. IF NOT, look elsewhere!

• Ensure that your 4 choice UTME Subjects are in term with the Institution’s requirements for that particular course.


What you’ve been seeing from the beginning of this article till this very part is all you need to know before registering for JAMB 2022.

Having gone through this article, you will agree with me that all you need to know before registering for JAMB 2022 have been written up there.


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