What You Should Know Before Sitting For JAMB UTME (Guideline)

Most Jamb UTME candidates makes some mistakes in examination hall as they are not used to computer.

A lot of Jamb bites end up ending their works before they finish, some leave the exam hall without submitting their works. Follow me closely as I tell you what should know before going to sit for UTME


For those preparing for JAMB: JAMB introduced the use of 8 key without a mouse to make this year 2022 CBT easy for candidates

The 8 keys are:

1. A for choosing option A in response to questions

2. B – represents the option B.

3. C – represents option C.

4. D – for selecting option D.

5. P – represents the previous question.

6. N – is for next question.

7. S – is for submitting.

8. R – is for reverse.

Details Needed To Login At Your Jamb Centre

1.Your JAMB Registration Number

This is needed to login at the Examination hall.

2. Your Seat Number

To Locate Your Computer Locations and Questions set

3. Your Centre Number

This is need t know Your Exam Centre and be able to select it when needed.

4. Your Subject

Your Subjects combination is needed for Confirmation (Optional)

6. Your Exam date and Time : As To Know When To start Your Work

How To Save Time In The Examination Hall

1. Learn how to read and analyze questions fast.

2. If you come across any question you don’t know the answer leave or suspend them and move to the next to come back and revisit such questions.

3. Keep checking your time as you work. Don’t be lost.

4. Work with time. Using maximum of 2mins on a question.

5. The process of trying to use the calculator is usually time wasting try calculating it by yourself (usually faster).

6. Do not spend too much time on reading a question. Comprehend fast and move to the next question.

7. Don’t sleep on a question. Be fast so as to have more time for others and to cross check your work.

8. If you will be writing mathematics learn to calculate without calculator. Jamb Calculator can be a time waster, you should learn to work out solutions your sheet of paper before going into the examination hall.

9. Once you don’t have a clue on the answer to a particular question, don’t relax and start thinking. Follow your instincts. Pick one and move on. .

10. Prior to the exam get a jamb past questions CBT app and practice with the time as many times as possible.


Jamb questions=180


All jamb candidates are advised to use 40secs on each question during the exam in order to make the allocated time sufficient for them.


Having gone through this article, you have seen all you need to know before going to sit for UTME.

You should go through this article if you have been looking for how to how to answer your questions in the examination hall.


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