How To Start A Small Business With Little Or No Capital


Small businesses are services that are privately owned, have fewer employees or less annual income than a regular-sized business or corporation. Small businesses could be small scale businesses or online businesses.

Most Nigerian youths and stay home mums, go into small scale businesses to support their parents and husbands respectively.

There are varieties of jobs in the Nigerian market that anyone who wants to go into business but do not have enough money to start can pick from in other to make ends meet.

7 Businesses You Can Start With Very Little Or No Capital, A lot of people want to do one thing or the other but they do not have the capital to start. I will give you 7 businesses you can start with very little or no capital.

1. Data/Call Card Business

This is known as the telecommunication business. Hardly can you find any adult In Nigeria who doesn’t have a phone. You can start a data business with no capital.

To start a data business, all you need is get a VTU portal which you can get online. Then tell people about your new business, when you get customers, you use their money to fund your wallet and sell to them.

 2.  Drop Shipping Business

Drop shipping is becoming a fast-rising business. To start drop shipping, you don’t need capital, all you need is a website, a drop shipping app, then post other peoples goods, get customers and get their goods for the customers.
Some drop shippers start by just posting other people goods on their social media accounts.
There are varieties of goods you can sell as a drop shipper, such as bags, shoes, clothes, cosmetics, perfume oil, eyeglasses, health products etc.

3. Content Writing and Copywriting Business

To start content writing, you don’t need any capital, all you need is a data subscription and a strong data connection.

4. Ice Water/Block Production and Sale

The weather in Nigeria is mostly hot and people always need cold water to drink to feel relieved.
Ice water can be started with very little capital, all you need is a refrigerator and an adequate supply of water.
You market to households around your neighborhood, retail shops, restaurants and bars that need to keep their drinks ice-cold at all times.
Party organizers are also your customers and this occurs every weekend in the cities.

5. Liquid Soap Production

Soap is needed in every household, so it’s demand is very high. It is a product that is needed by every household and as the population increases, so also will be the demand.
You need very little capital to start a liquid soap, you can make so much money producing liquid soap. You distribute to supermarkets and other shops that retail to the final consumers, restaurants, bakers, caterers and home keepers.

6. Online Tutor

Just like I mentioned in content writing, you don’t need any capital to start online tutorials, all you need is a data subscription and a strong data connection.
This is more demanding as you have know what you will teach your students as you can’t give what you don’t have.

7. Local Laundry Business

Laundry Business is that you can start it at the comfort of your home with no capital. if you don’t have the huge capital required for a standard one which usually requires a washing machine and could take hundreds of thousands. You can go for a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) laundry business. It is called DIY because it deals with the local dry cleaning method, which refers to using of hand to wash clothes.

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There are different small business you can venture into this year. The list of small businesses to start in Nigeria has been mentioned above.


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