Soft Touch Beauty Products – Business Proposal Ideas

Soft Touch Beauty Products

Business Proposal ideas for the setting of a beauty spa (Soft Touch Beauty Products) An all in one beauty spa comprising of a saloon (unisex) make up studio.

Executive Summary (Objective)

There has been a rising need for a spot that offers everything beauty related ranging from hair salon (unisex), make up studio, skin care, manicure and pedicure.

The sole objective of Soft Touch beauty spa is to offer intensive beauty services to prospective clients who wish to carry satisfy all their beauty needs without having to look for different places to carry out the different services.


  • Offer Beauty Services To Everyone And Anyone
  • To Offer So Many Quality Services In One Location
  • Despite being a small privately owned beauty spa, Soft Touch spa would be open to beauticians,
    stylist, aestheticians etc.


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  • Statistics has shown that 2/4 salons retain their first time customers strongly as a result of not dissatisfaction from services rendered.
    Soft Touch beauty spa is offering all of those services without the client moving to another location.
  • Finding a good unisex saloon has been a major setback in developing cities. Soft Touch beauty spa would offer such service.


Soft Touch Beauty Products - Business Proposal Ideas


Soft touch beauty spa with its comprehensive features would allow for various skill sets. Skilled personnel’s would always be on ground to give feedback and in-depth evaluation and analysis of how Soft Touch beauty spa would
would be operated.


Soft Touch beauty spa would be built on the basis of delivering excellence so as to maintain its standard and reputation. Because we aim to make a statement and mark our blueprint in the city we are bent on customers satisfaction.


Because of the nation’s inflation rate we have laid down categorically the budget required to carry out this project and dream of ours. eg,

Rent – 500,000

Salary – 100,000

Logistics – 300,000

Design/interior – 400,000

Equipment’s -1,500,000



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