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Blogger AdSense Approval

Welcome to today’s Blogger AdSense Approval tutorial series, you are going to learn how to fix Google served ads on screens without publisher content and valuable inventory under construction issues on Blogger website, It’s been another week after I received previous rejection.

Google AdSense keep rejecting sites with violations meanwhile this time AdSense detected two policy violations on my websites. Which are Google served ads on screens without publisher content and valuable inventory under construction issues.

But another policy violation is totally new. I never saw any policy violation related to this before October 2021. And none of my previous AdSense rejection was related to Google serve ads on screens without publisher content.

I’m going to call this AdSense policy violation as GSA because it is annoying to call Google search ads on screens without publishing content repeatedly.  It is not short, like no content or under construction issues. When I tried to search for GSA in the Google AdSense community. I couldn’t see anyone asking questions related to GSA. All I could find was Google publisher policies with some policy violations and never met before. And the explanation about GSA given by Google AdSense is identical to what is showing inside my google AdSense account.

How to fix Google-served ads on screens without publisher content Google AdSense Approval

Nothing here was helpful for me to solve this policy violation. I checked a few latest videos on AdSense YouTube channels, but there was nothing related to GSA.

Meanwhile, I noticed a few videos recently are related to some policy violations in Google publish your policies page.

Maybe Google AdSense will be going to discuss more about Google served ads on screens without publisher content, but who knows when it will be. When I view back my AdSense site list, it seems like Google served ads on screens without publisher content is a combination of four policy violations which includes:

  1. Valuable inventory
  2. No content
  3. Low value content
  4.  Valuable Inventory under construction and site behavior navigation issue.

But after I compare the following resources and guidelines provided by Google AdSense below GSA, I think GSA is quite similar to valuable inventory, no content due to the fact that most of the resources given by AdSense to both policy violations are similar but I was not sure about my thoughts because low value content is involved in GSA too.

I will treat GSA as a no content issue first, and then I will explain more about no content in the first part of this post. Inside my Google Search Console account, all Sitemaps except RSS feeds on

Google Search Console still do not have the index coverage. I can’t click the index coverage under sitemap dot XML. I’m still using the original robots dot txt generated by blogger. But I’m not sure why this problem has not been fixed yet.

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Meanwhile, Inside the coverage Summary page of Google Search Console and all my blogger posts and pages have been, crawled and indexed by Google after URL submission a few weeks ago. It is simple to fix the no content issue if you have 15 to 20 high quality content blog posts.

But my main sitemap with no index coverage icon could be the main reason why Google AdSense rejected my blog or website with GSA for no content issue in the previous application.  All I will do is wait for Google to recrawl all my blog posts and this issue may be fixed in this way to fix under construction issue.

You have to inspect your website in detail, I started my inspection on the page list as this was where the issues came from last time about the page was okay, contact me page has a functional contact form and privacy policy page has correct wordings used with proper links. I proceeded to view the content in Google Docs.

Then I fixed a minor naming issue in the first sentence. Finally, I found what was really wrong that caused google AdSense to reject my blog or website with valuable inventory under construction problem.

This important page template was private only to me and I discovered that I didn’t enable the public sharing settings. So now it is simple to fix under construction issue on blogger site. Just click Change to anyone with a link and then anyone on the internet with this link can view this page on Google Docs.

Don’t change the link if you have already put it inside an important page. The settings will update itself. I can see the content of this Google Docs document using incognito mode on Google Chrome. And this is the correct way to show an important page to Google AdSense.  If you do not enable the public view settings in Google Docs.

This link will redirect users to the Google login page instead of the important page template. This setting caused google AdSense to reject my blogger website twice and wasted my time.

So I finally fixed this under construction issue by enabling the public sharing settings on Google Docs.  This link is an example of improper link, which is a functional link that doesn’t lead to a 404 error page, but the link doesn’t redirect users to the proper web page. You can’t remove any improper links through a broken Link Checker.

All you can do is find them one by one when you deeply inspect your website. Apart from that, I also removed more links on some of my content as a precaution to prevent

under construction issue in the next review application I will send to AdSense.

Here’s a little tip for you. Try not to provide links with the wordings like click this next article or previous part. You should elaborate more about the posts or mentioned the post title if you want to avoid under construction.

But the best solution is still remove these links as much as possible, even though it is not a good search engine optimization practice for a website. I did a final check on my blogger site using incognito mode on Google Chrome. Just trying to view my website like a normal user will do.

All important pages are okay and all Google Docs links can be used even in incognito mode. That’s all how I did my website review, then moved back to my Google AdSense Account.

Click request review to let my website have a chance of getting Google AdSense approval A few days later.

That’s all for blogger AdSense Approval tutorial series.

Feel free to ask any questing in the comment section. If you still have any doubts about blogger AdSense approval.

You are going to learn how to fix low value content AdSense problem on Blogger websites, and a few ways to fix low value content issue to get your blogger AdSense approval in the next post.


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