What Is Financial Freedom And How To Achieve It?

Everyone is now talking about financial literacy and financial freedom but only a very few people truly understand what should be done to achieve this financial freedom.

What is Financial Freedom?

Financial freedom is sitting on a number of strong pillars and one of such pillars is what gives you true financial worth. Without it, the millions in your bank account will end up making you poorer.

Arguably, huge sum of money in your possession can definitely make you happy for a while but, it can neither guarantee your economic security nor your financial freedom. Making money is an interesting game, but controlling money is what really matters at the end.

When you control money, it means that you have the Acumen to determine the amount of money that you should earn, how you want to earn it and what you want to do with it for as long as you wish.  This is what makes you a critical financial stakeholder in the labour market.

That ability to control your financial space can also be called financial Confidence. Financial Confidence is a product of conscious and consistent training.

This how it happens

Training gives you Skills [Skill] generates Confidence [Confidence] empowers you to Control [Control] delivers Freedom (TSCCF). You can’t experience financial freedom until you can control your financial space.

You must do the following in order to be successful in any game:

1. Know the ‘rules’ of the game
2. Train your body and mind not just to understand the rules but to ‘obey’ them.
3. Avoid short term distractions and deal decisively with long term obstacles.
4. Have a coach, who you can consult periodically.

The bitter truth is that 90% of the people can not do these things.
And that is why they are financially ignorant and perpetually enslaved to others.

Financial information is becoming very affordable on a daily basis, the same way people are becoming more frustrated economically.

So the problem is not the lack of information or the cost of it, the problems are
* Their Habits and
* Their fears.

It is so unfortunate that most times we do things simply because that is the way it has always been done…
Don’t worry, I will address that in my subsequent articles on fears and habits.

Let me remind you before we go deep into financial Confidence, it’s not how much you make that truly matters, it is how money you can control.

What Is Financial Freedom And How To Achieve It

Financial Confidence give you both abilities – to make money and to command money to work for you, not just that.
when you have financial confidence, you will be able to have control over other people’s money.

Am talking about the smartness to figure out the best financial decisions that can lead you to financial freedom and the ability to take actions that will produce a predetermined economic results. No school can teach you this.

To start these journey to financial liberty, you must firstly

1. Sit down and map out a plan,
2. Get control of your spending and
3. Minimize your liabilities.

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