YouTube Watch Time ​(How to Increase it Fast Using Video Card)

Many people reacted to one of the screenshots they viewed, in which YouTube thanked me for my recent viewing time for the past days. I received many questions concerning how to increase YouTube watch time.

There are both legit and illegal ways to increase YouTube watch hour time, but personally I use the legal means and would be talking about only the legal ones as the other means might tend to have negative effects on your channel if YouTube found out it. Without wasting time lets dive in. YouTube Watch Time ​(How to Increase it Fast Using Video Card)

YouTube Video Cards

YouTube cards are pop-up notifications that show viewers a similar video on your channel. This is also known as a video suggestion that informs your viewers about new content on your channel, While uploading or editing a video in YouTube studio (on PC).

There’s a provision whether you want to add a card or not, many beginners tend to ignore this but it’s very much important when it comes to increasing YouTube watch hour time, while some actually add the cards but did it in a wrong way. Cards are normally added on videos with similar contents and not just on any video, For instance”

If your channel is a tutorial or DIY (do it yourself) channel and let’s say you are posting a video with the title: “How to create a Facebook page” and then there’s another video across your channel which says “how to grow your Facebook page”. Then, definitely it means someone who is watching the current video “How to create a Facebook page” will also be interested in learning how to grow his Facebook page that he just created, And in this case you can rightly add a video card with tittle: “How to grow your Facebook page” or drop the link in the description.

Same way, f your channel is an entertainment channel, and you are uploading a video with the title: “Top 10 richest Nollywood actors in Nigeria” and then there’s another video across your channel that says “Top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria” or “The most richest musicians in Nigeria”.

It also means someone who want to know the top richest Nollywood actors must be willing to know the richest musicians in Nigeria as well.  In this case you can as well add the second video mentioned above as video cards on the current video you are posting or still drop the link in the description and also find a way to attract your viewers to open up the description box.

If you’re in the relationship category, releasing a video like “5 things men do that women despise” and having content on your channel that says “things women do that men despise”.
Add the second video as video cards to the one you are currently uploading, same thing is applicable to other niches.

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Generally YouTube accepts up to 5 cards per one video and that’s an opportunity for you to add all the closely related contents to your current video.

Always ensure that the video cards contain the content closely related to the current video you are uploading which your viewers in question are the exact and right audience for the both content.

In this case your viewers keep moving from one of your video to another and that prevent them from jumping out of your channel after watching a single video and with this your watch hour time keep increasing. However failure to add cards might lead your viewers to easily jump out of your channel and start looking for another related videos elsewhere which you might be having intact on your own channel.

Secondly, you can also use video cards to grow different channels at the same time by adding a video card from your second channel on your current channel which transfer your viewers from one of your channel to another.

You can still give a friend of yours a video card to add on their channel if they have related content to yours, just as bloggers exchange backlinks. When your call to action (calling them to subscribe) shows up, some viewers are unknowingly switched to the next channel due to the influence of video cards only to realize they haven’t subscribe and they end up not just viewing your contents but also subscribes to your second channel as well.

End screen is the most common way to link inter-related contend across your channel to keep your views in touch and increase your watch hour time. This was also the trick Mark angel used in growing the new channel “Mark Angel TV” from the same audience on Mark Angel comedy (his first channel).

Next we shall be looking at end screens.

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