How To Start A Small Business In 2022

Lately I was making some study on how to start up a small business in Nigeria because of the situation of things in Nigeria.
I discovered a lot of Nigerians are looking for a basic way they can start up a small business and make a living from it.

I have decided to write this post; in order to show you basic business tips for beginners, where you can actually make money presently in Nigeria.

Stop There, this is for you. Are you yet to understand this  quote that says “what you give is what you get?”
If No, do now.

That happy ending, that order, that successful delivery you anticipate, In fact the overall success you have in mind or hope for your business whether small or large scale is the resultant effect of what you put in; to clear your doubts you shouldn’t expect to have your business on track and running without doing, having and implementing the needful.

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But before i go further, can i burst your bubble? Let me quickly do so.
Every successful business you see out there is built on something, don’t let any motivational speaker dilute your mind. Be it finance – if not fully then partially.

Hey there, you may say ” you are getting me more confused here, what are you trying to say? ” smiles! Calm down, take a water and chill. I’m taking you somewhere, yes I’m trying to communicate something, follow slowly.

You might have done basically everything needed of you as a business owner, perfect! you deserve an accolade. Wait, why is your business still not on par because you aren’t following the business tips for beginners like you? You don’t know, and you think it’s the witches from your father’s village manipulating it, NO. It’s possible for such a situation to ensue, and it’s either you are lagging behind in one of the determining factors I am going to outline and canvass below.

Get the FUNDS

There is a saying, a business quote rather ” it takes money to make money ” without argument, is undoubtedly and 100% right, you will never lay hands on success in your business, without you having the needed FUNDS for support. If you don’t have the money to run a business, use a skill; this is a secret, don’t tell anyone.

Yes the idea is important but then the finance is more important, that word got you right? Permit me to use it. There is idea, There’s reality. But only funds can make the idea realistic.


Another determining factor is s TIME, you get it? Probably not.
Why work for 20 hours when another works for half the said time and achieves the same results you do?. There is something here, take note ‘ what people are interested in knowing, hearing is not your ability to work for hours, but your results ‘. Yes I am a business owner, and I work for 15 hours straight,,,,, ” where is your result? ,,,,,, “Have you achieve anything given your work Time? “.

You can live up to this expectations; place your priority or rather an urgency on one thing — HARDWORK.

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If the rate of the effort you put into your business does not go well with it, double it.
You put 10%, when the results come, you get no more than that. You put in 20%, 50%, 80%, or even 1000%, so the results you get.


What if you are working very hard but nothing changes? It’s time to WORK SMART.

Digest this basic business tips for beginners you read here, slowly as you practice. Come back for a testimony.
Remember, you can’t reap where you did not sow. Make hay while the sun shines.


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