5 Applications to Optimize Your Android Smartphone in 2022

5 Applications to Optimize Your Android Smartphone in 2022

There are lots of benefits that we can get by using Android as our main Smartphone. The system that is used in Android is quite similar with the system in computer. The high technology inside the phone make the movement and speed of working in applications faster than any other type of Smartphone. However, just like what happens in computer, the applications in Android also keep producing junks in the storage.

It will fulfill the free space on the memory card, and have a possibility that can slow down the speed of your Android. Besides, there are lots of applications that you can find in the App Store that are very useful to boost up the speed of your Smartphone, or even killing some junks and also remove the unused ones. Here are the examples of the applications that may help your problem. Today we are taking you on 5 Applications to Optimize Your Android Smartphone.

Android Assistant

This application can be used to delete some caches created by working applications in your Android. After that, this application also can help you to manage the applications that you have, in order to keep it in phone memory or move them to the SD Card. As we know that one thing to make the speed of you Smartphone stable is to keep the phone memory clean, at least 25%, and move the rest to the SD card. Some phones cannot do this, but by installing this application, you can do all of those things. It is  probably the best application that can be used to increase the performance of your Android device.

ROM Toolbox Lite

Actually, this application has the same function with the previous one, but the specialty of this application that it let the user to have a backup of some deleted files.

3C Toolbox

3C Toolbox is an all in one package that lets the user to take control the whole system in your own Smartphone. It is not only the delete some caches, and junk, but also to optimize the use of RAM, battery, Calibration, and System Optimizer.

Clean Master

This application is quite popular and become one of the most downloaded applications in App Store. You can set the time that lets this application can do their work that you already organized before. You can set all of the movements of this app by going to the setting and keep it done routinely every day or every week.

DU Speed Booster

DU Speed Booster focuses on speeding up and optimizing the work of the machine in the Smartphone. One thing that the downloaders find in this application is that it can improve the speed and quality in gaming experience. As we know that in Android you can play lots of free games. It is started from the lowest one until the highest one, which has some requirements in the Smartphone to play them. DU Speed Booster can help your Smartphone to be more optimized in playing game that actually it cannot be played in your Smartphone’s specifications.

That’s all we can suggest, if you think that we have left any important tip then let us know we will surely add it.


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