Top 5 Side Hustle For Students In Nigeria

Top 5 Side Hustle For Students In Nigeria

With everything going on in Nigeria at the moment, if you allow multiple source of income, you will all be on a long team, I don’t even envy you one beat.

So today I’ll be focusing more on students, students in colleges and  students in university.

I’ll be sharing with you 5 business ideas you can do in college as a student these are businesses that require little or no capital Yes!, Like they won’t take so much from you.

If you are a college students, if you have younger ones, elder ones or you have friends, Even in university or colleges you can share this with them. If I knew half of what I know now as a student guys, I know that I won’t even be here I would have gone far in life, I wouldn’t be here. It’s rare to see students who would not like multiple streams of income.

Top 7 Side Hustle For Students In Nigeria

So today that’s what we’ll be focusing on, these are things you can do with reasonable amounts of money or with low capital. Let’s go straight to the point. Below are Top 5 Side Hustle For Students In Nigeria;

Drop shipping business

What is drop shipping? Drop shipping is a process of buying and selling without having to stock of goods or haven’t to meet the seller or the buyer of the product (middleman), You get to work with the direct importers who imports bags, shoes etc into Nigeria in bulks and sale to agents. But then everything will be online, you don’t need to see them.

All you need for this business is your mobile phone and your internet connection, which almost every students have, so you see what am talking about, this does not require much things from you.

All you just need is your phone, internet connection and a business mind, that this is going to work for you, anybody can do drop shipping business. Actually, drop shipping business is a cool business idea. It’s a cool way of making extra cash for yourself.

Graphic Designs

If you’re an artistic person or you’re so good you have graphic design skills. You might want to try out graphic design. In this present age we know that every businesses wants to have an online presence so they require logo and different templates for their businesses online.

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So if you’re so good at graphic designing, please this is something you want to consider as a student you can actually start doing logos for businesses, different templates on Instagram. You can try that or you can even choose to teach people yes, you can choose to teach others that skews online. Yeah, that is what most people are doing now.

You can start creating websites if you have knowledge about website design. You might want to venture into website designing for people you can actually divide graphics design, like you can make it into a module or package and just tag it with the price. If you register for this particular module or this particular course this is what you get to learn from this very model.

Top 7 Side Hustle For Students In Nigeria

So just package it nicely and tag it and let them know that this is what they will be gaining from registering for that course. And you see that people will definitely like to learn, like there are people who are actually seeking for knowledge, seeking to know how to do this or that the guy who does my logos, the guy who does logos for my business is a student in Nigeria. This is what he does. Yes, even while he was in school.

He also teaches people so if you want to learn graphic design in online please check him out. He’s very good at what he does.

Making Of Special Dishes 

So if you’re one who is actually good in cooking some special dishes or a particular soup, please you can actually monetize it. Once you prepare that food like normally you’re preparing your food, take pictures, take good pictures of it. Share to those WhatsApp groups you have in your school. Advertise to the big boys, the big girls, this is what you do. You sell suits you sell some special dishes, and you’ll see that people will start making orders with  time.

Buying And Selling

If you have let’s say about 30,000 to 50,000 Naira you might want to consider buying and selling of bags, mostly mini bags yes because students really loves mini bags. if you’re based in Lagos. You might want to visit those sellers and you can start with 20 – 30n pieces.

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When you go to the direct sellers of those products you might get a mini bags within the price of 1500 to 2000 Naira. Let’s say maximum of 3000 Naira for very nice bags,  take them to schools start advertising them students really love mini bags yes, from my years of business selling bags, I’ve come to realize that students really love mini bags, they prefer mini bags so selling of mini bags in school will really really make a lot of profit, if you’re not in Lagos, they actually some businesses, you can chat up on WhatsApp, please make sure you do your due diligence very well.

Transcription, Subtitling and Captioning

transcription is the act of listening to speech and converting them to a written document, you listen to a speech then you convert them into a written documents, transcription is required by many professionals like doctors, lawyers, in every sector of the world transcription is usually needed.

This is because they need to be certified copy. Like written documents of every event they have. This is because they need to have a certified written copy of spoken events available for references and trust.

It will only take your time yes! it will take your time, transcribing isn’t hard but it can be time consuming. So if you know you have some time to yourself, listen to speech then you will translate them into written documents please consider transcription job.

Let me get feedback from you in the comment section. Share with us what your experience has been in our business.

Thank you so much. I hope you find this post helpful. Please like, comment and share this post with your friends or to anybody you feel might benefit from this.


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