Nigerian Immigration Service News 2022

Nigerian Immigration Service News 2022

This is the program that showcases Nigeria’s investment and development opportunities across the 36 states of Nigeria with special focus on the non oil sectors of the economy. However, I suppose such light today is on the Nigeria, Immigration Service. Why they immigration service, because it’s your first port of call going out of Nigeria and coming into Nigeria.

So what are the chances for investors. What special programs we have for investors coming into Nigeria. And what’s the new E passports and visa regime of the Nigerian Immigration Service. This plus more is all the answers, you’ll be getting in this post.

As a Nigerian Immigration Service NIS as it is known today is an offshoot of the colonial Nigeria police in August 1958 prior to Nigeria’s independence,

Nigerian Immigration Latest News 2021

The Immigration Department was excised from the colonial Nigeria police and became autonomous. It was then headed by the chief immigration officer, an Act of Parliament establishing the Immigration Department came into being on 1st August 1963 due to long years of military rule. This act was not amended until the year 2014 With further amendments in 2015.

Following these amendments, the core mandates of the Nigerian Immigration Service as spelt out by the Immigration Act are:

  • The issuance of travel documents do Nigerians
  • Border surveillance and patrol II, enforcement of laws and regulations, with which they are directly charged.
  • The performance of any paramilitary duties within or outside Nigeria as may be required of them. etc.

The Nigeria, Immigration Service has undergone several reconstructing in order to bring it up to date with global trends in line with global, regional and sub regional political alignments.

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One of those efforts, was the introduction of the machine readable electronic passport MRP popularly called the E passport in 2007 also between 1990 and 1995 Alhaji garba others became the first Comptroller General of the NIS.

He was originally appointed as the director of immigration, but his designation changed midway through his tenor to come to a large General of the Nigeria, Immigration Service’

Alhaji garba Avars sauce has the singular distinction of being the

last director of immigration and as well the first Comptroller General of the Nigeria, Immigration Service for operational effectiveness. The Nigerian Immigration Latest News 2021

The Nigeria Immigration Service has eight zonal commands,

as well as commands in the 36 states of the Federation and the FCT with other five special commands. The service equally has presence in all 774, local government areas of the country.

In order to effectively carry out its primary function of gatekeeping to the nation. The NIS has presence in 114 recognized border posts, six seaports and five international airports, spread across the country.

As at December 31 2020 The Nigeria Immigration Service has a staff strength of 25,303 personnel, which cuts across all caters of the service, carrying out different functions. In order to deliver quality service to the Nigerian people.

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While it will not be out of place to say that the Nigeria, Immigration Service has done well over the years in delivering on all its core mandates.

It is pertinent to note that the appointment of the current Comptroller General of the Nigeria, Immigration Service,

Mohammed Beavan DD has exponentially improve the service delivery of the NIS to the Nigerian people,

Mohammed but then Didi was born on November 21 1963 In malam.

He later obtained a master’s degree in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice from the Hama Dibella University, Zarya,

he joined the Nigeria Immigration Service in 1985 as an assistant superintendent, and was a participant of the 12th Cadet basic course at the immigration training school, Colonel.

He was deployed to the Abuja command of the NIS. Since then, he has risen through the ranks and occupied various positions, including that of the deputy Comptroller General directory of passport and operations.

Physician He occupied until May 15 2016 When he was appointed as the 16th Comptroller General of the Nigeria, immigration service by President Muhammadu Buhari prior to Bob ended his appointment.

The NIS had seven directories, these directories, were, however, has acidly organized and unwieldy. Soon after taking office,

Bob and DD moved quickly to reverse this trend, and began to build a more focused, operational based and professional NIS that understands his duties.

In this way he has created a more functional service that is focused on his core mandates and Nigeria, Immigration Service, which Nigerians can be proud of.

Today, instead of seven unwieldy directories, the Nigeria, Immigration Service has eight directories. With each directly focused on the core mandate of the NIS is migration management. Border Management visa and residency investigation and compliance passport and other travel documents.

The other three are Human Resource Management Planning, research and statistics and finance, and accounts.

This is Nigeria recently had a chat with the Comptroller General of the Nigeria, Immigration Service Mohammed bin Didi, in his office, and the conversation was eye opening.

It showcased a man, not only abreast of the goings on innovations in the world of immigration, but a man who is on top of his game, despite the persistent complaints by Nigerians have poor leadership in the various sectors of the Nigerian polity,

Mohammed Bhavan Didi could be said to be a round peg in a round hole…


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