4 Reasons Manchester United Sacked Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

4 Flaws That Warrant The Sacking Of Ole Gunnar Solskjae

There has been so many controversy in Manchester united football, club concerning their coach,

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

There’s no doubt that the coach has helped the team in no little ways and he’s trying his best, a team can’t be perfect to the extent of winning all games every time but there are still some little flaws that can’t be over looked which has led to the failure of the team.

Example of the failure is their last match against Young boy football club, who would ever think Manchester united will loss to a team like that.

With the recent result, many people thinks Manchester united is now a full team perfect in all ways especially

the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Meanwhile, losing to Young boy makes them consider sacking their coach and there are so many reaction from professionals buttressing the point.

6 Flaws That Warrant The Sacking Of Ole Solskjaer

The first champions league game for Manchester united for this season was played on Tuesday and it’s a bad thing to know they lose the game which were supposed to win so easily as Young boys wins the match having a score of two goals while they just had one.

Manchester United was on the winning side because they scored their first goal in the 13th minute by Cristiano Ronaldo.

In this article, we will be discussing 4 Flaws That Warrant The Sacking Of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

This facts are based on their performance during their last game against Young boy football club.

  •  The Formation Played

The first mistake made was the formation because it’s seemed so wrong and inaccurate.

Considering the fact that the match was the first this season, using Van de beek in the match isn’t a good idea.

The reason is that it’s been a while Van de beek featured in the match, which can make the opponent thinks his not inform even though he did his best during his 45min played.

This really affected how he organized the attack. Instead of him using Van de beek, he should have just used Ronaldo, Sancho and Greenwood. Then Van de beek could considered to be brought in later to substitute for Bruno or Pogba.

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Unfortunately, Manchester United player reduces to 10 as Aaron Wan Bissaka was sent out of the pitch.

Due to this, the coach changed the formation and increased the number of defenders to five. This restrained them from attacking as they were so much concerned about defending since the score is still a tie.

The fact that he changed the formation implanted some kind of fear into the heart of the players thereby giving the Young boy a chance to mount several attacks on them.
This brought about a lot of pressure, and as we have all known, Manchester United’s defense aren’t so good at holding pressure for that long.

Instead of this formation, coach could have think of using just four defenders, three midfielders and two strikers. This would have still been a little bit balance and this would have helped them defend their home and also strive to score again .

  • Substituting Ronaldo and Bruno

Another unprofessional mistake made by Solskjaer was that he substitute Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes around the 70th minute. It’s no doubt that young boy fear the presence of Ronaldo and because of this, they are playing much of defensive than attack knowing that any slight chance or loop in their defense can result to casualties but immediately Ronaldo was substituted,

they knew the game has turned in their favor so they changed their pattern of playing and they started mounting attacks which put on some much pressure on Manchester united coupled with the fact that the coach changed the formation with just a single striker in front.

Ronaldo tends to be the only goal scorer while Bruno Fernandes helps in securing all the necessary chances needed, but making the decision of removing the both of them is bad.
The presence of these two on the field would have still put their opponents on their toes.

If not for anything, verane should be on the pitch for this opening game because he’s a four times champions league winner. Having verane and Harry at the back would have been so nice even from the start of the game.

  • Bringing in Lingard.

In one way or the other, we know there will still be a case of substitute for Cristiano Ronaldo but bringing in Lingard at that time seems to be a very bad idea.

This left the space of attack so void and unfortunately when the opportunity of a free kick came, there’s no Ronaldo for Dalot to aim.

  • Inability To Think Critically.

This may sound Insulting but that’s just the truth. All the errors mentioned here are just something that should have been put in place right before the match start. Maybe we should say he underestimated Young boys

Last season season Europa league, there was a lot of errors that should have been corrected but it seems he doesn’t have the right quality to be the coach of Manchester United.
If this kind of incompetency continues, even when Manchester united is filled with all the best players, they will still perform so badly.

With this few points, there’s high tendency that they may sack Ole Gunnar Solskjaer by the end of this season or even before then but the question is who will be their next coach?.

Who will be the next coach for Manchester Untied?



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