Take A Step Towards Financial Freedom Today

Take A Step Towards Financial Freedom Today

Have you ever been at a critical junction of your life in regard to your finances? I mean running out of funds to keep up with your responsibilities or even having enough that you actually have a hard time keeping your hands from reckless spending. It is alarming, but no cause for alarm.

In this article, we will be reflecting on the two key things mentioned above on how to give you financial freedom.

At a time in life, moving forward there’s a high tendency of you facing one financial setbacks after another – there’s a chance you might not; that’s if you are born with a silver spoon but what matters is finding the strength to past these setbacks.
So without much ado with words, let’s briefly canvass the two things to be discussed in this article.

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When you are experiencing a setback in your finances, it then means (you are) either

  •  An extravagant spender
  • You Are lacking in management when it comes to time
  • You Are putting your eggs in one basket

As an extravagant spender, this is self explanatory i believe; you spend money
1) Recklessly &
2) Without having a replenishment.

Yes, a reckless spender is more or less a lazy individual. They hate working but the love spending the little they have instead of working to improve their financial status. Ridiculous right? But take note of this; even recklessly spending while having enough is never a financial advice.

Take A Step Towards Financial Freedom Today

Another financial setback might actually be as a result of a lag in management in terms of time to be precise.
As your responsivities add up, so should you adjust. You work for 20 hours yes, you brag about it, you are proud you can work for the said time, perfect! But then, someone only needs half that hour to be on par with you. Are you getting it now? Ok, Why is this the case? I mean someone actually able to out-do you with more or less the same time.

Take A Step Towards Financial Freedom Today

There’s no secret to it, the difference is the time management, the other person maximizes time while you on your part, although you don’t waste the time, are comfortable. You make the 20 said hours your comfort zone and it therefore restricts your resultant effect.

NB: Beat time, don’t keep to it. As they say, ” You need TIME to make WEALTH “. Time is wealth, maximize it.

Putting your eggs in one basket; this is an idiom, but it’s a clear definition of what most people are suffering from, ignorantly and knowingly in recent times.
You channel all your energy, all your focus into doing a single thing. You put in 100% effort and virtually all your resources into doing that single task, but what if it fails?, Then everything goes haywire, without anything to backup or any alternative as an ace card for you.

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That’s for that, let me not waste much of your time. Below are 3 things you should do rather, if you don’t want to struggle finance-wise or if you find yourself struggling already..

  1. Be an investor, rather than being a spender.
  2. Maximize time
  3. Try out different opportunities, your salary won’t solve all your problems as your responsibility intensifies.
  4. Learn skill and get a plan B. Lastly
  5. Repeat number 2

You are financially stable but then you struggle with time management, no qualms:
Set certain goals, time yourself, make sure you beat time to it. Do this consistently for a month, there would be a testimony.

Yours is not the case of time management, all good just do this:
Invest in What has a Future; either long term or short term. There’s no financial advice as authentic as this. Someone who loves you will tell you this.
If you don’t want your wealth to dissipate with time, learn to support and invest into the future.

I believe this article helped you, make hay while the sun shines. Check back later for another interesting update.
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