Does BBNAIJA Portray Any Good Morals?

Does BBNAIJA Portray Any Good Morals?

BBNaija or in full Big Brother Nigeria can be said from a certain point of view to be a Nigerian Reality show competition. The Nigerian Reality competition as many call it is a TV series. The Reality competition is said to be a Nigerian hosted and sponsored Show because it has its origin in Nigeria.

BBNaija started out in March of 2006, 5th to be precise and it is still running. It started out with its network as M-Net in 2006 before its diversion. The diversion saw Africa magic take its place in 2017.

Do You Know This? BBNaija was not initially the name of the Reality competition. It was rather named “Big Brother Ghana” before its change of name. we will reach out to you sooner with the reason for its change of name.

The 2021 BBNaija Reality competition is subtitled “Shine Ya Eye”. In 2006 when it first started it had no Subtitle,

See Gobbe, Double Wahala, Pepper Dem, Lockdown were the Titles for the 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 respectively.

It is said and of course have been witnessed that the winners of the Reality competition go home with material and cash prizes.

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It is said and of course have been witnessed that the winners of the Reality competition go home with material and cash prizes.

What Does BBNAIJA Portray, Any Good Morals?

Is BBNaija Really Conforming to the Normal Way of Life? What does BBNAIJA portray? What Does The so called Reality competition portray? Good Morals? Godliness? No! Absolutely not.

The recent activities in the BBNaija house have raised so many questions which are Justifiable.
The 2021 BBNaija Reality competition Aka BBNaija Season 6 is being hosted by Ebuka Uchendu Obi and the winner is expected to go home with a grand prize of N90m.

Does BBNAIJA Portray Any Good Morals? ?

Answering the above questions, BBNaija as it stands encourages no good.  Looking at the happenings inside the house shows it all.   Is it the many reported cases of Sex Scandals?

What Does BBNAIJA Portray, Any Good Morals?

Which the people involved have on their own accepted and not come out to deny? Is it the extreme intimacy between two opposite sex who are not partners? Going into the bathroom together? This is absolutely Unreasonable. Perpetuating Evil in the name of Entertainment?  Who does that? I mean how does any of this Portray any Good?.

Okay, let us say on the part of the prizes, the winners are expected to go away with mouth watering prizes but did you ask yourself this; Does any of these people participating in the house need this cash prizes to survive?

Such Irony! They engage already established personalities and award them with prizes?. where are the people who live and survive from hand to mouth?

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This show is a No, You Disagree? You Agree? The truth remains. There is no need for any persuasion anyway, There are people out there who also have the same Opinion.

It’s obvious, many are still not clear on the purpose of this Reality Show anyway Including myself. No moral lessons, zero benefit. Only den of wh*res. Did I say that? haha! I think I just did.

How Does BBNaija Run Their Reality Show?

Yes, Una too like gist Sha. They make their form available online, People purchase, Fill and Submit. Then BBNaija does the remaining work. They randomly pick Whereas and isolate Then in a den and Booom, They Do The Do LOL! Don’t report me. I just Guessed.

Guess What? I know many of You would say ” Are You Not Also Watching The Show?” and bla bla bla. Smiles! I have never Watched the So called Show and would Never do.

I No da Jobless Na, Some of You even Miss or Go late To Work because of this post, Your Boss is sacking You Soon. E Pain You? Oya start Making Use of your Time The right Way.

Writing to You Sooner, Chill.

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