Education: The Root Cause Of Society Menace By Afantane.

Education: The Root Cause Of Society Menace

I know that few people will be confused or surprised by the title of this article, but this is the question that many people ask themselves everyday.   Many people in our world today have been educated one way or the other,

about a particular topic, subject or about a skill but before I continue, let’s look at the meaning of education.

What is Education?

Education as described by the Oxford English dictionary is a process of teaching, training and learning,

especially on schools, or colleges to improve knowledge and develop skills.

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What is Menace?

Menace simply means something that is dangerous and likely to cause harm to someone or someone persons.

As deduced by the meaning above, one can see the main purpose of education which center on development of human being through learning but if education means something good as it is said to improve humans knowledge and capacity, how then do many people see it as the root cause of society menace?

Most times, human being make the mistake of trying to operate a machine

which off course is new to them but left the menu unread. This is the cause why some people blame education for causing menace but forget that every action taken which prompted that conclusion was by a human.

  There are many forms and ways by which a person can be educated.

The most common ways are

  • Schools,
  • Colleges,
  • Institution.

But education does not end there. Any thing a people thought that enlighten his / her knowledge about a particular thing is education. You can be educated on a subject or even on a skill. Many people has turned this gift given to mankind into something that has proved to become a great menace to our society.

Education; The Root Cause Of Society Menace By Afantane.

Millions of people graduate from institution every year from all over the world, people get trained in many different profession that was instituted to be used for solving problems relating the mankind but some people learn this profession or skill and decided to use it against their very own existence.

People has started using the knowledge they have to cause tears to another by stealing, fraud, embezzlement of public fund and other related problems.  The most common form of menace is cyber crime, Most people learn about the computer so we’ll that they can operate and carryout different task on it.

Using this knowledge which they knew is not recognized to all, they use it to commit cyber crime by stealing peoples finances. it has became so rapid that many people especially young youths now see it as a curative business to engage in.

Some go into it by the influence of their peers in order to avoid being seen as naïve by their peers.

These are some of the problems why many people have come to the conclusion that education is the root cause of menace in our society because they believe that if these people were not educated in those field, they won’t had the knowledge to cause these havoc’s.

Education; The Root Cause Of Society Menace

But the problem like I said in the beginning is not about operating a machine, the problem is reading the menu

and knowing the mind of the manufacturer, that will aid in a better understanding on how to operate the machine, by doing so education should not be blamed for causing these havoc but the people that perpetuated the act.

Benefit Of Education

Education has brought so many improvement to the world, Civilization to mankind, Helped people to create so many things that aid in living an easy life. eg technology, machine etc. But most of all, education has helped to broaden our knowledge of knowing things we didn’t know before things like how to use our available resources for the betterment of mankind. Through education people can read and understand things well, education has also helped to improve our mindsets and also help us learn trading.

One can never compare an illiterate to a literature. A literate that went to school and learned a skill or profession can not be compared to one that have never sat in a four walled class room before, after school, the educated person starts up his own with the main aim of helping solve problems of mankind, eg health issues, fixing cars, Astrology etc, and by so doing, the person also earns an income for his or her live hood.

So you see that education is not the root cause of social menace but people that peppertree the act.

Seeing so many benefits from this article and many more unmentioned, education is something we should encourage in our society.

Our youths should be educated on the benefits of education and trained on the path of honesty.

People causing menace to our society should learn that education should not be used as a disguise to evil for but the well-being of mankind.

They should know that they are many things a person can be trained on which can yield money in a good way, and that is thanks to this great gift called education.

Food for thought: imagine if we have great minds that think and reason properly due to the way they have been educated, won’t our society be a good place to live in?

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